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Goodmorning, Gorgeous – Capstone EP (Review)


Record Label: N/A

Release Date: September 3rd, 2013

Reviewed By: Alex Maimone

I was, very recently, introduced to Goodmorning, Gorgeous. Instantly, I was amazed by how fantastic instrumentally and vocally they are. For not being signed, this band comes in hard and leaves with a bang!

“Capstone” is a brilliant piece of work. From the first track to the last, you just want to break everything around you. It’s so incredibly heavy and melodic all-together that you just simply can’t turn it off. Since I received this EP it has been on repeat.
Literally, everything on this EP mixes so well together. It’s as if they have been a band for over a decade.

The amazing guitar riffs and solos, really heavy high and low screams, and the consistent powerful sound of the drum kit, it all feels so overwhelming but just to the extent to where you want to instantly run to a show and watch these guys play live. It’s very rare that I instantly fall in love with a band, but with them I truly didn’t have a choice.

The first track “Filth” starts off slow and calming with some guitar then rapid drum rolls kick in and it just instantly gets heavy, it’s honestly such a smooth transition. Each song progresses in a different way which is why this album stands out. There is so much diversity and originality that’s hard to find in bands these days.

My personal favorite off the EP is “In Us We Trust”. The song is just extremely powerful in meaning and comes in so strong. The end chant “Through all of the pain and all of the lies, I hope you know I took control of my life” really hits home and send a message that many can understand and truly feel.

Honestly, I’m completely amazed by this EP and already can’t wait to hear more from these guys. If they are in your area, I truly advise you go check them out because they definitely deserve all the support they can get. “Capstone” shouldn’t be the last we hear from Goodmorning, Gorgeous. I expect big things from this Texas based band!


Goodmorning, Gorgeous is:

Drew Buckner – Vocals

John Michael Perez – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar

Matthew Guajardo – Lead Guitar

Jordan Brown – Bass Guitar

Lee Wall – Drums

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Dead Like You – This Is Never EP (Review)



Record Label: None

Release Date: May 4, 2013

Reviewed By: Mario Yanez

Introducing, Dead Like You. A group not concerned about genre’s, or scenes, or anything superficial really, who’s ultimate motive is to make their own music the way they want to make it.

Consisting of past members of both Upon A Burning Body and Lonestar Driveby, Dead Like You definitely wouldn’t be considered “new” to the scene. Members in the band know what it’s like to start from the bottom, and to work their way to where they are now. Having no fear of hard work, the band has released their own EP and has played alongside many major label bands.

When you do decide to listen to the This Is Never EP, the first single you’ll come across is “Secrets”. Taking the road less traveled, Dead Like You incorporates a sort of rap/hip hop feel with some of their verses. Screaming the words, “So fake, I can hardly wait, for the time and place, to slap the shit grin off of your face”, Dead Like You makes a statement towards all of the two faced people in the world and tells them to keep away.

The EP’s title track, “This Is Never”, brings a steady hardcore beat, intense and brilliant screams, unparalleled clean vocals, and a sick breakdown that’ll make the HxC Gods smile.

With a breath of fresh air, Dead Like You pulls out energy, passion, experience, talent, and originality and throws it all on the table. And if you happen to catch them at a live show, you’ll see that their performance is just as solid as their EP. I’m going to personally rate this EP a solid 8.5 due to the fact that they’re material is original, strong, and has potential to move forward from this point on.

Here’s to the future, Dead Like You.


Dead Like You is:

Birdy Gonzales – Vocals

Josh Paccione – Guitar

Miggy Sanchez – Bass/Clean Vocals

Ramon Villarreal: Drums

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