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A Day To Remember – Common Courtesy (Review)



Record Label: None

Release Date: Oct 8th, 2013

Reviewed By: Alex Maimone

Probably one of the most anticipated albums of the whole year has finally arrived. Common Courtesy, by the greatly known A Day To Remember, has been released after a very long wait. For those who are fairly new to A Day To Remember, they are a Florida based band that mixes different styles of Pop-Punk and Hardcore together. The blend was smaller in previous records but it shines brightly in CC.

“City of Ocala”, the 1st track off the album, begins the album with a complete Pop-Punk feel. It brings strong guitar riffs and powerful vocals to make the ultimate blend. But of course, we all know A Day To Remember is a very talented band, overall. Most of us have been listening since their first record “And Their Name Was Treason”. They have definitely evolved highly and have lost some of that super heavy feel to them but there are still many strong and heavy songs in Common Courtesy.

“Life Lessons Learned The Hard Way”, “Dead & Buried”, “Violence (Enough Is Enough)”, and “The Document Speaks For Itself” completely bring A Day To Remembers heavy side into the picture. Chuggy breakdowns, heavy low screams, it’s the ADTR many have been waiting for. This album literally hits a taste of everything they are perfect at.

Of course, they bring out some softer acoustic songs. “I’m Already Gone” and “End Of Me” are meaningful, slow, acoustic tracks that just keep you singing along every time you hear it played. But, I’ve always had this album on repeat since I received it.

Common Courtesy is a masterpiece. The most anticipated A Day To Remember album to date and they definitely gave the fans what they’ve been asking for. Even newcomers to Hardcore could find enjoyment in CC due to the various genres that ADTR tends to throw at us! I highly recommend this to everyone; it’s an overall great record.


A Day To Remember is:

Jeremy McKinnon – Vocals

Neil Westfall – Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals

Joshua Woodard – Bass Guitar

Alex Shelnutt – Drums

Kevin Skaff – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

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Dead Like You – This Is Never EP (Review)



Record Label: None

Release Date: May 4, 2013

Reviewed By: Mario Yanez

Introducing, Dead Like You. A group not concerned about genre’s, or scenes, or anything superficial really, who’s ultimate motive is to make their own music the way they want to make it.

Consisting of past members of both Upon A Burning Body and Lonestar Driveby, Dead Like You definitely wouldn’t be considered “new” to the scene. Members in the band know what it’s like to start from the bottom, and to work their way to where they are now. Having no fear of hard work, the band has released their own EP and has played alongside many major label bands.

When you do decide to listen to the This Is Never EP, the first single you’ll come across is “Secrets”. Taking the road less traveled, Dead Like You incorporates a sort of rap/hip hop feel with some of their verses. Screaming the words, “So fake, I can hardly wait, for the time and place, to slap the shit grin off of your face”, Dead Like You makes a statement towards all of the two faced people in the world and tells them to keep away.

The EP’s title track, “This Is Never”, brings a steady hardcore beat, intense and brilliant screams, unparalleled clean vocals, and a sick breakdown that’ll make the HxC Gods smile.

With a breath of fresh air, Dead Like You pulls out energy, passion, experience, talent, and originality and throws it all on the table. And if you happen to catch them at a live show, you’ll see that their performance is just as solid as their EP. I’m going to personally rate this EP a solid 8.5 due to the fact that they’re material is original, strong, and has potential to move forward from this point on.

Here’s to the future, Dead Like You.


Dead Like You is:

Birdy Gonzales – Vocals

Josh Paccione – Guitar

Miggy Sanchez – Bass/Clean Vocals

Ramon Villarreal: Drums

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